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Action Plan: Taking Control of your Future
by Cindy Mancuso, McGill Career Planning Service (45:52 mins)



Exploiting your Personal Network – Who Do You Know?
by Chris Hornberger, Halifax-Global-Inc (21:27 mins)


Conducting an Effective Job Search
by Melody Choboter, Mount Royal College (18:47 mins)


Strategies for Success: A Practical Perspective on the Transition from School to Work
by Carol Hogarth, BMO Financial Group (29:29 mins)



Being Your Own Self Advocate, a Key to Success in the Field of Healthcare
by Sarah Stonier, University of New Brunswick (14:50 mins)



Preparing for the Interview
by Jeff Summers, Wal-Mart Canada (27:53 mins)


Preparing for Interviews – What Recruiters Look For
by Kamran Nisar, Walmart Canada Corp (22:11 mins)


Preparing for Interviews
by Margaret Clark, Conexus (16:35 mins)


Preparing for Interviews
by Sharon O’Hara, Wal-Mart Canada (22:16 mins)